About Us


The need for robust pre-engineered structures, along with the market’s demand for continual structural excellence, encouraged us to establish Elements Prefab Pvt. Ltd – the top PEB manufacturers in India. Elements PreFab started in 2008 intending to fulfil the structural demands of various industries. All along, we’ve evolved into a credible company of a strong reputation in the Indian industrial market.

We facilitate cost-effective, strong, appropriately designed, and durable pre-engineered buildings for host of industries. The ever-growing list of our clientele includes heavy industries, warehouses, manufacturing setups, oil and gas units, high-rise buildings, automobiles, chemical plants, multi-purpose halls, terrace coverings, textile factories, dairy industry, parking sheds etc.

Our expertise transcends pre-engineered buildings. We deal into multiple pre-engineered building products such as PEB industrial structures, multi-storey PEBs, PEB components, pre-fabricated pre-engineered building, mezzanine/ deck slabs, gantry girders, etc. Our solutions include turnkey industrial solutions, warehousing solutions, roofing solutions/ profiled sheets, Polyurethene foam (PUF) panels and customised fabrication.]

Our result-oriented approach, along with a comprehensive range of services and products make us one of the most preferred industrial structural partners in India. We believe in supreme quality, more than anything else. Each of our employees, associates, and industry partners work towards ensuring the highest quality levels to ensure complete customer delight.


To continue delivering excellence through the highest quality products, and keep giving our clients the competitive advantage of partnering with us.


We are a strong value-based company that believes in operating with a set of uncompromised values. Our values reflect through our business ideologies, workflows, and the way we operate in the market.



We maintain transparency across every business vertical, transaction, the products we manufacture, and our operational procedures. Everything that we do at Elements Prefab is compliant with the local, regional, and national laws, and rules, and regulations.


We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do. We take responsibility for every project, right from the start to the end.


For us, quality, and 100% customer satisfaction are paramount. We take every effort to ensure the highest levels of quality across all our products, through the application of the latest and cutting-edge technologies, along with systematic and well-defined work processes.

Result Oriented Thought Process

We are a result-oriented company, and this value of ours reflects through the thought process of each of our employees. We focus on the advantages that our products and services bring to our client’s table and work towards achieving them.

Employee Happiness

For us, our employees are as important as our customers. Happy employees deliver happy clients. Hence, we ensure that our employees stay happy, and they give their best at work.

Continual Upgrades

We believe in developing new skills and upgrading the existing ones to avoid redundancy. This is one reason why we undertake projects with complex requirements and deliver them successfully.